As a high school All-American, I received a scholarship to The Ohio State University where I would be named the 1982 Big Ten MVP. That same year, the Indiana Pacers drafted me with the eighth pick in the NBA draft.

I was on my way to experiencing everything I’d ever dreamed of. But five years later knee trouble ended my career. Growing up in a loving two-parent household, I don’t recall going to church much but know my four siblings and I were raised with Judeo-Christian values. I acknowledged the existence of God, but had no real concept of what a relationship with Him was about. Like many of us, I thought doing good things and making my parents and others proud would please God.

In 1985, while rehabilitating from a third knee surgery, I began thinking about my purpose in life. A local minister started conducting chapel services prior to games. Curious about the peace he had, I asked him to walk me and my wife through the Bible and teach us about God.

I learned God loves us, gives us life and breath, and has an ultimate plan for our lives. He wants us to know and worship Him, but sin (falling short of God’s mark) creates a gap between man and a holy God. However, God, because of His great love, provides His son, Jesus Christ to bridge the gap. Through faith in Christ all can be forgiven of sin, made new, and eternal life can be yours.

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