Annett Davis

Annett Davis
Outside Hitter

When I was 11 years old, I was visiting my cousins and went with them to a youth event at a church. At that event, I realized that I was missing out on something.

In my upbringing I had never heard about having a personal relationship with Jesus. My cousins seemed to know Jesus, and actually love Him. Sure, I knew Scripture and the stories of the Bible, but I didn’t have a relationship with the God of the Bible, or with His Son. That night my journey of friendship (with God), of being a slave to Christ began. It’s been a wonderful ride.

As a result of knowing Christ I believe I’m more confident in Him, which helps me appear strong in the world. I have hope for my future, because I know I will ultimately be in heaven.

I used to think I knew it all, that I was the best. Now I know I will never truly “arrive” and I am okay with that, because it means that God isn’t finished working in me. Before Christ (came into my life) I would have hidden my faults and failures. Now I share them freely so that others can see they aren’t alone, and hopefully learn from my mistakes from seeing how Christ has helped me through them. Without Christ I don’t think I would be able to be this open and honest with others.

I believe that all things truly do work together for those who love God and who are following Him. So when I face difficulties in my sport, my marriage or in these tough economic times, I cling to God and His promises. I believe that his Word is true, and that He will never leave me or forsake me. My faith is what helps me to persevere, to overcome. My hope is in Christ, and Him alone. 

My faith helps me to keep things in perspective. I live my life by three rules: My life with God first, my family life second, and anything else I do (including my sport) a distant third.

My sport is not my life, but it is a great part of it. I believe that God has blessed me with talents that not everyone has so that I can use those talents to help further His kingdom. All I do is for His glory. I hope this comes across every time I step on the court, and when I speak to the media, my peers and fans. 

Photos courtesy of FIVB.